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Angie welcomes you

Hi! I'm Angie. I am a registered social worker and I have been supporting residents of Saskatoon on their journeys since 2016. As a member of a dysfunctional family of origin, I have interacted with conflict from a very early age. In 2021, I began taking conflict resolution training and fell in love with the field. Nothing is more rewarding than empowering individuals to work through conflicts. I offer strengths-based, solution focused counselling and a variety of conflict resolution services. Effective conflict resolution facilitates empowerment through self-determination, capacity building and increased communication for healthier relationships.

I specialize in all things conflict resolution. I offer conflict coaching, individual counselling and mediation to families, couples, individuals and workplaces. I specialize in mediating elder and estate disputes, family conflicts, landlord-tenant issues and workplace disputes.

I practice on Treaty 6 Territory and use a trauma informed lens. I recognize various socio-economic barriers limiting your ability to access counselling and/or conflict resolution services. I offer flexible sessions outside regular business hours, sliding scale fees and you may be able to claim your session through extended health benefits or NIHB. Check with your provider today! I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

Lover's Shadows
Couple in Mediation
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Degrees and Certifications

Emotionally Focused Therapy - International Association of Accredited Mentors, 2023


Solution Focused Therapy - The Priority Academy, 2023


National Introductory Mediation Course, Alternative Dispute Resolution Inc. SK, Saskatoon, SK, 2021


Bachelor of Social Work, University of Regina, Saskatoon, SK, 2021                                                                                                                                                                                

Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health Commission of Canada, Saskatoon. SK, 2015                               


Motivational Interviewing, The Prevention Institute, Saskatoon, SK, 2014

Bachelor of Arts, History – 3 year University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK.  2010                                      

interaction in class

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people don't know what to expect when they enter into a mediation agreement or begin conflict coaching or counselling. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to help bring you peace of mind: 

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a mutual, collaborative process anchored in respect and self-determination. When most people think of mediation, they think of family mediation (i.e. separation/divorce, parenting time, division of assets, etc.) and workplace mediation which includes labour relations, and union negotiations. However, any dispute can be mediated and in all cases, mediation provides a framework for how to deal with future conflicts. This is why Angie Howlett - Conflict Counselor specializes in additional areas of mediation such as landlord/tenant relations, elder and estate (also known as intergenerational) issues, and community conflicts as well as family and workplace disputes. In addition, conflict resolution (including mediation) falls under the scope of practice for social workers in Canada. If you have extended health coverage through employment or superannuation benefits or NIHB, your mediation may be covered.

What is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict coaching is a one-on-one conflict resolution process intended to support an individual who is facing conflict, and the person they are in conflict with is not yet ready for mediation. Using the same principles as mediation, Angie will work with the individual facing conflict to find out more about the issues, identify goals and the differing perspectives/values at play, and explore and test options together. The typical coaching relationship would be approximately 3-4 sessions, depending on the complexity of the conflict and how confident the client is in confronting the other party. Angie will not terminate the relationship until a satisfactory plan has been implemented. As with mediation, conflict coaching is under the umbrella of conflict resolution, and therefore falls under the scope of practice for social workers in Canada, which means your sessions may be covered through extended health benefits or NIHB.

What is a conflict counselor and what kind of therapy do you use?

A conflict counselor is a term that Angie invented out of indecision on which area to specialize: counselling or conflict resolution. Angie blended the terms "conflict resolution" and "counselling" to come up with "Conflict Counselling" which offers conflict resolution using conventional counselling techniques. As such the therapeutic approaches that Angie uses are: strengths-based, solution-focused, trauma-informed, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavioral therapy. All the above approaches have been clinically proven to facilitate change, increase problem solving skills and strengthen relationships. Social Work takes a holistic approach to change, healing and problem solving. It is recognized that the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and intellectual are profoundly connected and when one arena is out of balance, it can create conflict within the others. This is why Angie also incorporates holistic therapeutic principles and values into her approach to counselling and conflict coaching. Connect with Angie to find out how this kind of counselling can benefit you.

What are some advantages of using a social worker to perform a mediation instead of a lawyer?

Many individuals will need conflict resolution services at some point in their personal lives or professional careers. Most people first think of hiring a lawyer to help deal with conflict. However, many conflicts do not have a legal issue behind them even though conflict resolution and mediation has been dominated by the legal industry. Most conflicts are deeply rooted in intergenerational trauma causing issues with codependency and effective communication skills lending itself to dysfunctional families and unhealthy relationship patterns. Retaining a social worker to investigate your conflict resolution needs may be a more natural fit because conflict resolution and communication is a required academic component in most social work programs in Canada. In other words, conflict resolution and mediation is built right into most Canadian social work programs. This means that a social worker is an excellent natural fit to support you through your conflict. The advantages of working with a social worker instead of a lawyer are many. For instance, some of the benefits you will enjoy are: 1) built in training plus ongoing professional development: Like most other professionals, social workers are required to acquire at least 40 hours of professional development in Saskatchewan in order to maintain their competency. This means that on top of the training that social workers require in order to become licensed, more training is required every year, leaving you in the safest hands to deal with your conflict effectively, making social work an excellent fit; 2) cost: Mediation is already a cost savings to litigation. Mediation through a lawyer can cost anywhere from $300-$500 per hour! Though more time efficient than litigation, spending thousands out of pocket does not amount to affordable options on a fixed or low income. As a social worker, I value making services accessible to everyone. My rate will always remain affordable during your time of need. Sliding scales and payment plans may also be available if you qualify; 3) coverage through extended health benefits: As a registered social worker, conflict resolution services are covered under most extended health insurance plans through employment or superannuation and NIHB. Check with your insurance provider to find out if you have coverage through your health insurance plan and begin enjoying peace of mind that costs are no longer a barrier and the added benefits of working with a social worker!

Are services covered through private health insurance?

Yes. Most health insurance providers cover social work services such as counselling. Conflict resolution, including conflict coaching and mediation, fall under the scope of service for social workers in Canada, so your mediation and conflict coaching sessions may be covered. Connect with your provider to find out more about your social worker coverage and how to claim your fees.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes. A free consultation is available to all prospective clients. If you have never used social work services before, you may not only not know which services you need, but where to start. Angie Howlett - Conflict Counselor offers a free 30 minute consultation with no obligation to proceed with services so you can determine what services will fit for you.

I don't have an extended health plan and I am low-income. Do I qualify for sliding-scale?

Finances can quickly change. Don't let your finances prevent you from getting the support you need. You may qualify for reduced, or sliding-scale, fees if you have no health insurance coverage and are low-income. To verify income status, please provide the last three months of income documentation. Please connect for more information or to find out if you qualify. A payment plan may also be available. Book your free consultation to find out if you qualify.

What topics do you cover for corporate training and do you require a deposit for corporate training events?

White Dove Counselling and Mediation offers completely customizable corporate training opportunities. Whether your organization is a sports club, condo corporation or workplace, there is a solution. Angie can create training that will meet your organization's needs. Some of the common topics include: active listening, empathy, dealing with high-conflict personalities in the workplace, conflict management styles, communication styles and more! Book your business consultation to learn more about conflict resolution tools that will fit with your organization. All corporate training bookings will be subject to a $450.00 (equivalent to one half-day training session ) deposit to save the date. This deposit is refundable if the event needs to be canceled in cases of low participation levels, organizer/presenter illness or other unforseeable circumstances at the discretion of White Dove. This deposit is transferrable if the event needs to be rescheduled. This deposit will be applied to the final invoice and your organization will be responsible for the balance owing. If the deposit exceeds the amount otherwise charged for your organization's in-person, training hours, the balance will be applied to prep time. If the amount of the outstanding balance still exceeds the final invoice, your organization will be refunded the applicable amount.

Is direct billing available? 

Yes, direct billing is available to Blue Cross, NIHB, Sunlife and other providers that are registered with Telus eClaims (check with your provider to find out if they are accept direct billing from social workers). Please note that due to potential confidentiality breaches, direct billing will only be submitted upon request of the client and if the upfront cost of the session may cause financial hardship. Addressing conflict, distress and mental health challenges is self-care and embarking on a transformation journey requires commitment and dedication. Part of this process includes setting aside the resources necessary (time, funds, etc.) to complete the process. Clients who pay for services up front are committed to their own healing and are more likely to see results. You will be issued a receipt for services and, if applicable, you may submit your receipt to your insurance provider. Cash, cheque and etransfer are accepted. To further discuss direct billing, or if you have any questions about fees for services, including sliding scale, book your free consultation by visiting the booking page.

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