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Rock Balancing

Bringing you balance through strengths-based counselling and solution focused mediation services

Let us turn difficult conversations into open dialogue with expert counselling and mediation

Do you struggle with conflict that is affecting your personal and professional relationships? Do you struggle with internal conflict? Do you feel at a loss without viable solutions in sight? Do you wish that your relationships and communication could be better? In the post-covid era, individuals, couples, families and groups want to tackle the conflicts they face with their high-conflict (ex)partners, children, co-workers, managers, siblings, landlords etc. fast and effectively. Do you wish to lovingly find a path forward instead of going in circles? We can help by focusing on solutions using YOUR strengths instead of ruminating about the problems!

We specialize in resolving codependency, strengthening communication and transforming relationships through building capacity and empowering decision making. I offer conflict coaching, strengths-based and solution focused counselling to individuals and couples and mediation using the understanding based model to couples, families and groups. In mediation, our focus is on resolving  elder and estate disputes, family conflicts, landlord-tenant issues, workplace disputes and more!

Let Angie help you identify your conflict resolution needs through a free individual consultation, one-on-one or couples counselling  session, available on a sliding scale basis. I am committed to upholding your right to self-determination through identifying your strengths and building capacity from those strengths, activating your inner problem-solving power.  

Whether your workplace is in need of dispute resolution through mediation, teambuilding exercises or communication workshops, you've come to the right place! Angie will come to your place of business for corporate training. Together, we will assess your workplace culture, values and needs and come up with a customized workshop that is as unique as your business and the people who make it great!

Using the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada (ADRIC) understanding-based conflict resolution model, Angie will facilitate mutual understanding through increased communication, compassion and empathy. Anchored in self-determination, collaboration and mutual respect, mediation guides parties to create solutions to seemingly insurmountable challenges, together. This model informs the dispute resolution process for landlord-tenant concerns, elder and estate matters, workplace disagreements and more!

1226 22nd Street West

Saskatoon, SK S7M 0S7


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